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They represent all of the surface area in your space!

WALLS:  Many of our customers desire an open floor plan in their home.  This requires wall removal or wall modification.  The biggest consideration when planning a wall removal is to determine if it is a load-bearing or a non-load-bearing wall.  We have experience with both.


A non-load-bearing wall can be easily removed once any existing electrical, heat and cooling ducts, and/or water and gas lines are rerouted, if they exist inside the wall.


Those same utilities must be rerouted in a load-bearing wall, but you must also consider the size and composition of the header that will carry the load in the absence of the supporting wall.  An architect or structural engineer must determine the header requirements before a load-bearing wall can be removed.  It also requires a construction permit and inspection by the local construction official.


Wall removal is not as simple as it might seem.  In addition to the structural and utility considerations, the voids created in the flooring, adjacent wall(s), and ceiling must be patched.  Base molding, chair rails, crown and specialty moldings must also be reworked, if they are present on the wall that was removed.  For these reasons, wall removal should only be performed by an experienced professional.


FLOORS: We install all types of flooring including tile, laminate, vinyl plank, and engineered hardwood.  Tremendous improvements have been made in waterproof plank flooring that can now be installed in areas where water may contact the floor surface.


CEILINGS:  Ceiling work can also add visual interest to your space.  Consider adding a ceiling medallian to any hanging light or chandelier.  Also, properly-sized crown molding around the ceiling perimeter will add character to any room.  Don't forget recessed lighting, and if you have the height, a coffered ceiling creates the ultimate impact.


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