Walls, ceilings, floors - they represent all of the surface area in your home!


Most homeowners can't imagine the possibilities for dramatically changing their living space.  Many will opt for a fresh coat of paint and call it a day.  There is so much more that can be done.


For those homeowners who wish to take their interior remodeling plans a step further, we offer the following ideas:


  • MOLDING, MOLDING, AND MORE MOLDING! Add it, change it, to create visual interest. Consider adding crown molding, chair rails, shadow boxes, wainscot, corbels, pediments, or pillasters. Change the width of your window/door casings and, by all means, change the height of your floor base molding. Typical colonial or clam shell base molding is 3.25 inches tall which makes it a non-event in the room. Choose a taller base molding and an interesting profile to draw more attention to it.  Visit our Molding Work page


  • COMMON WALLS - Feel boxed in your current living space? Then consider modifing or removing walls to create an open floor plan. (NOTE: wall modification can be a complex project due to load considerations and electrical, plumbing, and HVAC that may be present in the wall.  A Structural Engineering assessment is essential when planning a load-bearing-wall alteration)


  • DOORS - Tired of your smooth, brown luan doors? Even if you paint them, they're still drab and unexciting. Consider raised-panel doors and new, high-quality knobs. French doors and frosted glass panel doors are also an option. Light-colored doors enlarge the feel of the room.


  • CEILINGS - Applied molding can work here too. Decorative piping around the ceiling perimeter and/or over a table area creates additional interest. Tasteful, two-tone paint schemes take it to another level. If ceilings are high enough, cofferred ceilings are an option. Simply adding a ceiling medallion to your chandelier mount will add some decorative flair.


  • LIGHTING - Add it, change it. Consider wall sconces and well-placed recessed lighting in the ceiling. Dimmer switches allow mood flexibility.


  • FLOORS - A wide variety of options exist here depending on the function of the room.  Types include tile, stone, laminate, traditional hardwood, engineered, vinyl, and eco-friendly floors, to name a few.


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Thinking outside the box.  This master bathroom was finished with cedar planks on the ceiling.



Adding a tiled floor? Then consider a contrasting inlay. It can be installed around the perimeter of the room or grouped, as in this dining room photo. Either way it makes a bold statement.




20 inch porcelain floor tiles, set on a diagonal pattern, in this remodeled kitchen.


Non-Load-Bearing Wall Removal


Before and after photos of kitchen wall removal This non-load-bearing (partition) wall was removed to create an open floorplan between the kitchen and adjacent dining room. Since this wall did not serve a load-bearing function, no header was required after it was removed.


Load-Bearing Wall Removal


NOTE: This is not a do-it-yourself (DIY) project.  This work should only be performed by an experienced professional with required construction permits.


A report by a licensed Structural Engineer or Architect (photo right) provides exact specifications on the placement, span, and composition of the girder and posts that will support the structure after the wall is removed.


This report specified a girder consisting of two 1/2" thick steel plates 11" high by 18 feet 4 inches long to be sandwiched between three 2 x 12's of same length - bonded by 1/2" thick bolts (see photo left below.)  The girder is supported by two 5 1/4" x 5 1/4" PSL Beams that rest directly on the foundation wall.






Functional Wall: We doubled the width of this kitchen wall, added tile and a square recessed niche, and mounted a flat screen television and phone in the recess.


The TV swings out for easy viewing, then tucks neatly away to eliminate any threat of head collision.








Molding applied to the lower wall and painted in a contrasting color to the upper wall, dramatically changes the look and feel of this room.

An interesting variation on the same theme in this remodeled dining room (bottom photo.)


Diamond patterns in place of traditional rectangular boxes makes a bold, visual statement.





Our custom molding work accentuates the opening to this formal dining room.


Simple and tasteful ceiling molding is highlighted by a subtle paint color change within its enclosed area.



French doors framed by our enhanced trim work, and crown molding, adds a level of sophistication to this room.



Available in variety of colors and designs, laminate floors are durable, easy to clean, and install quickly over existing flooring.


We installed this DuPont Brand floor in an apartment kitchen. The cherry block finish contrasts nicely to the new white kitchen cabinets.



"I have a small, simple project."  We hear that a lot.  As you can see from the above example, whenever a wall is being removed, there is a good possibility that an obstacle will be present, resulting in a project that is anything but simple.


This photo was taken from a basement laundry room, where the existing door to this half-bath is located.  The customer wished to add a second door to access the bathroom from the finished, family room side of the basement.  What should have taken a few hours to complete, this door installation project took more than a day to reroute all obstacles.

two offices being constructed; one with steel studs, and the other with wood Two offices being constructed; one with steel studs, and the other with wood studs. We install both.
Damaged ceiling replaced by suspended ceiling with 24 inch square tiles BEFORE LEFT: Stapled on 12 in. ceiling tiles buckled and in need of repair. Old fluorescent light fixture hangs over kitchen area. AFTER: Suspended ceiling installed with 24 inch square tiles. Drop in 24 in. light fixture to be installed in open grid.


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