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We have completed many successful molding projects over the years.

Here are a few examples.

It's only an illusion..


The area inside each box appears to be recessed from the rest of the wall. It's not. We applied 25 pieces of molding to the lower wall surface and painted it a different color from upper wall.  That's it. Shadows and molding design do the rest.


Of course, know-how had a lot to do with it.  Knowledge of molding types, sizes, heights, spacing, and balance are all crucial to this classic wainscot design.


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Rather than settle for a traditional wainscot design with rectangular boxes, this customer chose to make a impactful visual statement with this diamond design.


We also installed the engineered floor shown in this photo.




Left Photo: To create additional visual interest on this staircase wall, we alternated large and small wall frames for the entire run.



Right Photo: Obstacles, like this light switch, are unavoidable with this type of applied molding work. It's knowing how to handle it that's important.


Notice how precisely the light switch is integrated with the subrail and wall frame moldings. That's a great example of our workmanship.






Added refinement

A perfectly balanced wainscot wall adds value to this expensive bronze statue and elegant display stand.

Finishing Touch


Two-piece crown molding on semi-custom kitchen cabinets adds sophistication and value to the completed project.

custom molding work includes columns, pediment, and crown molding Our Custom Molding Work
alternate view of custom entrance molding work Custom molding work - alternate view
full front view of custom molding work Custom entrance work
Wall wainscoting in a formal hallway Staircase wainscot


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