Common Questions and Answers about our Residential Renovation Work

Q. Why is a site visit required before an estimate can be generated?


A. There are dozens of significant variables that affect renovation costs that can only be assessed during a site visit. For example: Are there structural considerations? Where is the electrical panel located in relation to the project? Is the electrical panel full? Do doorways and stairs limit the size of drywall panels? A site visit improves the accuracy of the estimate, affording you the best possible price. You should be wary of any contractor who provides a cost estimate on a project sight unseen.



Q. Are your estimates always free of charge?


A. We charge for insurance estimates.



Q. I am considering a house purchase that requires renovation work. Do you provide estimates prior to closing?


A. We do not provide renovation cost estimates prior to closing. Please contact us after you take title to the property.



Q. Do you participate in the FHA 203(k) program?


A. We do not participate in the FHA 203(k) program.



Q. Do you accept projects outside of your normal service area?


A. We consider all projects, regardless of the location, but give priority to projects located in our normal service area. However, we reserve the right to decline any project in any location. View a complete list of the towns and cities in our service area here.



Q. I work full time.  Do I have to be home during the renovation?


A. No, you do not have to present during the renovation. Our customers routinely give us keys, garage door openers, or make arrangements for access so that they do not have to be present. Our reputation is our most important asset and we would not destroy it by betraying the trust of our customers. In addition to the mandatory insurances that we carry, our entire team is bonded for your ultimate peace of mind.



Q. Do you handle the construction permit process?


A. Yes. As a registered NJ home improvement contractor, we are authorized to file permits on your behalf. We obtain and populate the required forms, obtain seals from our licensed electrician and plumber, file the forms, and schedule all required inspections.



Q. How much does a permit cost? Who pays for it?


A. The cost of a construction permit varies by location, type of permit (building, electrical, plumbing, fire), and the stated cost of the project. The actual cost is calculated by the building department in your city or town. The homeowner pays for the permit.



Q. I have a wall-removal project. What does it entail?


A. Wall removal projects can be complex. The following assessments must be made: 1) Is the wall structural or non-structural? 2) Are electrical outlets, switches, heat ducts, and other obstacles present? 3) Does the wall have enhanced trim work such as crown molding, wainscot and chairrails that wraps around adjacent walls? 4) What are the types of finishes on the adjacent walls and floor? Wallpaper, hardwood floors, tile, carpeting, etc? 5) Are there significant ceiling height differences between the rooms separated by the wall to be removed? If the wall is structural, then you must obtain a report from a licensed architect or structural engineer before we can provide a cost estimate.



Q. Do you replace exterior doors and windows?


A. We do not currently provide exterior door and window installation services.



Q. How many days will it take to complete my bathroom renovation?


A. The average number of days to complete a 40 square foot bathroom with permits, is 17-19 days. However, there are significant factors that affect a bathroom renovation timeline. They include, 1) Bathroom size. 2) Dwelling location - highrise, condo, single family home. 3) Bathroom location within the dwelling - basement, first or second floor. 4) Extent of work, partial or full bathroom renovation. 5) Bathroom age - pre 1978. 6) Bathroom footprint expansion and/or new fixture locations. 7) Complexity and extent of tile work. 8) Hidden obstacles / hidden damage. 9) Inspection schedules and inspector availability, and other factors.



Q. Is a contract always required?


A. NJ Home Improvement Contractor Regulations require contracts for all renovation work in excess of $500.00.



Q. Do you accept credit/debit cards or offer any deferred payment arrangements?


A. We do not accept credit/debit cards or deferred payment arrangements. We only accept cash or checks.



Q. What are your payment terms?


A. Our payment terms vary by project and will be clearly stated in your contract. For most of our projects, it will be as follows: 1) 5% consideration due upon contract signing. 2) 28% due three (3) days prior to the planned start date. 3) The balance of 67% of the contracted cost is due in installments tied directly to performance benchmarks such as passing preliminary inspections, completion of tile work, drywall installation, passing final inspections, and other events specific to your project.



Q. What does your 2-year written warranty cover?


A. Our written warranty states that all materials and workmanship supplied by The Renovation Company will be free from defect for a period of 24 months, on our residential projects.



Q. Why do you require that all tile and fixtures must be on the premises before a bathroom or kitchen renovation can begin?


A. We require that all tile and fixtures are on the premises prior to the start date to insure that the project flows smoothly once the renovation begins. Depending on your product selection, there can be significant lead-times in receiving the product. For semi-custom and custom kitchen cabinets, lead-times of six to eight weeks or more is not uncommon. Additionally, the products may be damaged in-transit, are the wrong size or color, or may be missing items or parts, resulting in further reorder delays. Our goal is to complete the renovation within the time stated in your contract..this requirement helps to make that happen.



Q. Do you have a business office and showroom?


A. Our business office is located at 1051 Bloomfield Avenue, Suite 17, Clifton, New Jersey 07012. We do not have a showroom.



Q. Why can’t you predict the exact number of days that it will take to complete my renovation?


A. There are many variables related to permitted renovation work that cannot be exactly predicted. Some of the variables are: 1) Hidden obstacles and hidden damage such as buried electrical boxes, structural compromise, and termite and water damage to name a few. 2) Humidity and enclosed areas that may affect drying times on certain processes such as spackle, thinset, and tile mastic. 3) Inspection delays and inspector availability. Many towns share inspectors, especially electrical and plumbing inspectors. 4) Work change orders requested by the homeowner. 5) Inclement weather such as snow storms. 6) Product fabrication delays, such as shower enclosures and shower doors that, in some instances, must be measured and ordered after the tile has been installed. Time for completion is not an exact science, but rather our best estimate based on similar projects adjusted for conditions specific to your location.



Q. We Googled "The Renovation Company" and there are companies with the same name in other states and other countries. Are you affiliated with any of them?


A. We are not affiliated with any other company that shares our business name. We have exclusive rights to our business name in the State of New Jersey.