commercial woman's restroom before and after renovation. ABOVE: Commercial woman's restroom sink area before and after renovation.
commercial men's restroom before and after renovation. ABOVE: Commercial men's restroom sink area before and after renovation.

ABOVE: Bathroom stalls before and after renovaton. Stainless steel finish replaced painted partitions. Door swings were reversed from inward to outward to provide easy access to the stall.








RIGHT & BOTTOM PHOTOS: Views of the newly renovated men's and woman's restroom as you enter the space, respectively.

ABOUT THIS BATHROOM PROJECT:  Circa 1950 commercial bathrooms in a professional office complex were completely renovated in less than 5 weeks.  Demolition and other loud work was performed in the evening or on the weekend in consideration of the nearby office professionals.


As shown in the above floorplans, a total of 6 bathroom stalls were constructed and 6 toilets and 5 sinks installed.


The finishes for both bathrooms were selected by managment and included:

  • 12 x 24 inch porcelan wall tiles stacked vertically up to 60" and capped with a matching bullnose.
  • A contrasting 12 x 12 inch porcelan floor tile installed in a block pattern with matching grout.
  • Countertops were Black Absolute granite with white porcelan undermount sinks and counter-mounted pump soap dispensers.  Counters are floating with a 6 inch front skirt, in sharp contrast to the previous laminated cabinetry.
  • The stall partitions were stainless steel.
  • Full width, 42 inch high mirrors were installed in both bathrooms.


BEFORE (above left): One-piece murphy unit, circa 1950, with integrated oven, sink, and refrigerator, metal cabinetry, and sheet vinyl floor.  AFTER (above right) New IKEA kitchen cabinets, countertop, backsplash, and laminate floor; Freestanding refrigerator and stove in new positions per property management specification.

We have installed over 175 apartment kitchens and kitchen floors in both vacant and tenant-occupied apartments.


Our services include: 1) complete removal and disposal of existing cabinets, plumbing and flooring.

2) Sourcing and delivery of new cabinets, fixtures, and flooring.

3) Professional, custom installation of cabinetry, fixtures, appliances, plumbing, electrical, and flooring.


Typical installation takes 2 days in vacant apartments on ground or 1st floors; 2+days in occupied apartments, higher walk-up locations, or other factors.

Renovated kitchen complete with new fixtures and stainless steel backsplash.


Retail store complex in Ridgewood, New Jersey.  Exterior walls and railings scraped and painted.  Wood decks in rear cleaned and stained per owner's specifications.



BEFORE ABOVE: Store front, wood window frame is in need of replacement

AFTER BELOW: New windows and frames in the front and side (not shown) of the store and a new door with the swing changed from inward to outward.


LEFT Exterior view of rooftop cabana bathrooms located poolside in a luxury highrise apartment complex in North Bergen, NJ.


RIGHTRenovated bathroom interior included tile up to 48" around the entire perimeter, new wall-hung fixtures, and a cedar bench.  Paint is two-part epoxy for durability.